Appeal to consumers to use water in more rational manner

PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage during cold weather that caught Belgrade recorded excessive water consumption in whole town area. Many consumers left their taps open in order to prevent freezing of plumbing. Thus the consumption during previous days was at the level of the hottest period of the year.

Water production in Belgrade waterworks currently is at the highest level and all capacities are used to the maximum extent.

Due to great number of failures all BWS teams are in the field trying to prevent further leakage of water with prompt reaction.

Aiming to prevent freezing of plumbing many consumers are leaving their taps open which multiplies consumption.

We invite all consumers not to use water in such irrational manner.

As a prevention of freezing we advise the consumers to keep water meter manholes closed and dry. During low temperatures they should protect water meter and other plumbing. They should be insulated and warmed with paper, cloths or blankets. Additionally, in buildings where water meters are installed in the basement, all windows should be closed.