PUC B W S basic data

Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage, identification No. 07018762, TIN 100346317 is Public Utility Company founded by the Belgrade city municipality, situated at Kneza Miloša Str. 27, abbreviated PUC “Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage”.

The authorized person is Director Dragan Djordjević, master in economics.

The company performs water collection, treatment and distribution, as follows: raw water collection, tapping, delivery, purification and treatment, water distribution, raw water and drinking water quality control, and exploitation maintenance of water supplying system facilities and devices; discharge of waste and storm water by sewer network, sewer network maintenance.

Phone number: +3811 2065 000

Fax: 011/3612 123

Web address: www.bvk.rs

E-mail: info@bvk.rs

Banca Intesa: 160-6789-79

Core activities of the PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage are treatment and distribution of drinking water and removal of rain and waste water
Belgrade is supplied with water from sources in the riparian belt of the Sava and the Danube Rivers both with ground and surface. Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage annually produces over 200 million cubic meters of water. Water is being treated in six treatment plants: Bele vode, Banovo brdo, Bežanija, Makiš, Jezero and Vinča, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with total capacity of 8 000 liters of water per second, through complex technical and technological system and 3 494 km of distribution network. BWS supplies more than million and half citizens of Belgrade with quality and healthy drinking water
Belgrade sewerage is a complex technical and technological system consisted of collectors, pipeline canals, pump stations and other facilities (intake and outlet facilities, retentions, overflows etc.). It spreads on the area of approximately 180 km2. Core activity of Belgrade sewer system is collection, pumping and removal of waste and storm waters, maintenance of sewer network, monitoring, management and maintenance of electro-mechanical equipment and ecological surveillance of sewer system and recipients protection. Nowadays sewer network is consisted of 212,48 km of collectors, 1.464,75 km of pipe network, 32.892 gullies and 54.027 sewerage connections.