BWS warns: Water from public fountains supplied from springs not potable

cesmaPUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage due to frequent calls from citizens inquiring on accuracy of water on public fountains supplied from springs, states that is not recommendable to consume this water.

PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage maintains 138 public fountains, which of 132 are supplied from urban water supplying distribution system and six are supplied from springs, and these are: Vracar left and right fountain in Vojvode Putnika Boulevard, Milos’s and Hajdučka Fountains in Topčider park, Miljakovac spring in park in vicinity of district heating plant Miljakovac and Lovačka fountain in residential area Beli potok.

According to latest tests performed by City Institute for public health in March 2015, water on fountains supplied from springs, and maintained by Belgrade Waterworks is not recommendable for drinking.

Belgrade Waterworks regularly places tables with notice “Non-potable water”, but unconscientious citizens are removing them.

We underline that water supplied from distribution network is hygienically accurate. Water on these fountains is simultaneously controlled by BWS Department of sanitary water control and Institute for public health. Water quality control from springs is entirely under competence of Institute for public health.