Billing and sales in BWS

At Billing and Sales Department of Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage we calculate and invoice for water consumption and waste waters discharge for consumers who pay for water via Infostan and for consumers who pay via direct billing in our company. Calculation and invoicing for consumed water are made according to the water meter reading and the quantity of spent water on the invoice represents difference between two reading positions.

If the water meter has not been read because water meter chamber was buried, locked, covered with water, car is parked over the chamber or similar, the quantity of delivered water is being calculated according to average daily consumption from undisputable reading period, pursuant to the Decision on water treatment and distribution (Article 54), and to customer we send warning to enable us the access to read water meter. For customers who don’t have installed water meter, we invoice spent water by percentage or flat rate (depending on type of activities) according to regulations of consumption of PUC BWS.

After performed water meter control reading, we do corrections of invoices for reasonable complaints. For customers from direct billing, we cancel the invoice or calculate the new one. The complaint may be unfounded and complaint submitter is informed about that. On written complaints for all customers we send written answer within 7 days.

If we notice that there is certain discrepancy from the expected consumption we send warnings on excessive consumption that usually indicate failure on consumers’ internal installations that need to be fixed urgently. In Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage we have actions to detect illegal consumers which we are afterwards included into billing system.

In case that consumer didn’t receive invoice for consumed water for two months, he/she should ask for the copy on phone number 3402 053 and it will be delivered to him/her personally or via mail on given address.

The consumers may visit us in following centres:

Payment of all invoices for consumed water and services is provided in 32 Danijelova Street, and complaints on bills may be submitted also in 27 Kneza Milosa Street. All consumers from direct sales can provide information on debt for consumed water on our web site by entering their PIN code. 

The centre for claims and information is situated in 3 Severni Boulevard and consumers can submit their claims there as well as get information on billing and sales in Belgrade waterworks Within the In the centre there is also teller where the consumers can settle their obligations towards BWS. If the consumer is interested in the service of water meter maintaining, controlling and registering it is necessary to bring the water meter since this service can only be provided on the counter in 3 Severni Boulevard. In case that consumer wishes complete service to be performed by PUC BWS, meaning replacement of the old water meter and installation of the new one, the demand may be submitted in 27 Kneza Milosa Street or in 32 Danijelova Street. This rule is applicable only for water meters not maintained by Waterworks, manufactured by EWT orINSA.