Water from Belgrade water supplying system is of good quality

Potable water in Belgrade does not need additional filtration

Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage with full responsibility state that drinking water used by the residents of Belgrade is of a good quality. That means that it is hygienically accurate pursuant to the test results conducted by the expert teams in our company and Public Health Institute. The quality of Belgrade drinking water complies with all requirements from the Book of regulations on hygienic accuracy of drinking water.

Our fellow-citizens should know that it is not necessary to additionally filter drinking water which is already accurate. Besides the fact that additional filtration doesn’t have health or technological justification it also imposes unnecessary expenses to the citizens of Belgrade. The doubts and dilemmas concerning potable water quality that some Belgrade citizens have are caused by large offer of devices for filtration of water. The experiments conducted during the presentation are designed to dispute the quality of waterworks water thus influencing on citizens to buy filtration devices. Taking into account that average resident of Belgrade doesn’t have detailed insight in the course of experiment conduction, solely visual effect is sufficient to achieve the goal, and that is delusion. Namely, misuse of the experiment points that water from waterworks doesn’t have good quality and that additional filtration is necessary.

Upon these presentations many citizens address to Belgrade waterworks and Public health institute asking for answers concerning the accuracy of drinking water from Belgrade water supplying system. The department for sanitary control of PUC BWS, as a second level control of water quality in Belgrade waterworks, acting according to the complaints submitted by the citizens of Belgrade, has determined on several occasions that water treated in these devices for filtration is microbiologically inaccurate, inadmissibly demineralised, with low conductivity and changed pH value. Such water does not comply with requirements from the Book of regulations on hygienic accuracy of drinking water and it is not healthy for everyday use. Salesmen of devices for water filtration during presentation often introduce themselves as Belgrade waterworks employees. Because of this we emphasize that BWS has no connections with sales of water filtration devices, and that employees in our company always have visibly marked official uniforms, identity cards and use vehicles with BWS marks.

Explanation of the experiment conducted by the salesmen of devices for filtration: in the course of experiment, electrolysis of waterworks water is performed, which naturally contains dissolved mineral substances, which enable conductivity. However, the electrolysis is not conducted in the exact manner with the pair of inert electrodes, but with metal electrodes whose material can take part in the reactions and enters into water. Due to the reaction of the metal from the electrode and naturally present mineral substances from waterworks water, severe and frightening cloudiness occur. In the water that went through the device for filtration, which contains very little minerals, the electrolysis does not occur and there is no change in the glass.

The cloudiness in the sample of waterworks water has nothing to do with heavy metals from water. The metal in the water sample can be iron, originating from electrodes, intentionally used for electrolyses of waterworks water. In the water sample brought by the citizens upon performance of electrolyses, was discovered iron concentration of 250 mg/l, which is several thousand times higher than concentration present in the potable water from Belgrade supplying system.

According to these data we can conclude that the iron was infiltrated through electrode material with intention to arouse terrifying visual effect.