EU Water Aid 2016 Project

The National Directorate General Disaster Management of Hungary (NDGDM), of the Ministry of internal affairs of Hungary, executed Study on risk assessment against acts of god for the complete territory of Hungary, which confirmed that, in this sense, the floods represent the greatest danger for the population and material goods. This assessment, and numerous experiences acquired in recent future, led this institution to apply in 2015 at European Commission – EU Directorate for humanitarian air and civil protection (ECHO) and to provide financial resources for the Project EUrban Water Aid 2016 (EUWA 2016).

Invited by NDGDM, beside the organizers, the project included Budapest Waterworks, Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage, Ministry of internal affairs of Slovakia and State directorate for protection and rescue of the Republic of Croatia.

The main goal of EUWA 2016 project is to straighten the international cooperation in the region during emergency situations caused by floods, regarding procedure harmonization, efficient resource management, communication upgrade, monitoring, etc. All activities should result in preparation of a document in the form of a handbook on universal procedures of mutual aid between the countries of the region, operative web-GIS data base and field manual on water supplying during floods.

EUWA Layman’s Report