To connect the existing facilities to city water-supplying and sewer network, consumers have to come to the Service Center of Technical Documentation department, PUC “Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage”, at 27 Kneza Miloša Str. The procedure consists of several phases:

The first step is to ask for Conditions for facility internal installation designing that is obtained on the basis of the submitted documents: on location, facility and proprietary right. The validity period of the documents is six months from the issuing date.

According to the Conditions, licensed designing bureau elaborated Final design of internal installations for water supplying and sewer network connection on civil guide drawings or Final as-built design for the facility within the legalization procedure.

The second step is to submit the application to receive Approval to Final design which is submitted at the Service Center desk. When the Decision on approval is obtained and graphical annexes in the design are certified, the third step is to submit the application for water supplying or sewer connection. The completed connection file (the green card) is sent to the respective plants of water supplying /sewer network areas, and the future consumer is connected to the network.

Bear in mind that the facility constructed without the building permit can be connected only temporary (until the building and use permits are obtained after the legalization process is completed) in the legalization process. The internal installations for water supplying and sewerage must be designed in accordance with the issued Conditions of PUC BWS on civil guide drawings of the Final as-built design of the facility.

It is a user’s/owner/s obligation to make geodetic record of the connection upon connecting. The record is submitted to the respective section of JKP BWS for obtaining Certificated that the facility is connected to city water supplying and sewer network.

The necessary FORMS are presented here.

In order to connect to water network, the future consumer of water supplying and sewer network must:

  • Pay fees for conditions, approvals and connection – paid at BWS premises according to the current price list;
  • Bear the cost of the Final design, prepared by the licensed designing bureau, and
  • Pay the cost of connecting at the site.

The real cost of connecting at the site includes: excavation, water meter manhole and purchase of water meters with accompanying fitting for water supplying network (boundary manhole for sewer network) and pipes. All preparation and execution works are the obligation and at the expense of the consumer i.e. contractor.

Content of the accompanying documents that forms the consisting part of the facility and connection documents, depending on the facility status, is as follows:

  • Along with the request for Conditions issuing for the existing facilities, it is necessary to submit: a copy of the plot plan with the coordinate and drawn in facility, proof of ownership – real estate sheet for plot, a copy of personal identity card for physical persons, i.e. a copy of the Decision on entry into business register for legal entities, which is sufficient for the existing facilities with building permit;
  • For the existing facilities constructed without building permit, it is necessary to additionally submit: confirmation, certificate that the facility will be legalized and geodetic survey of the facility that shall be legalized;

Additionally, BWS shall respond to the request ex officio authority, at the expense of the applicant or at the personal request of the applicant with the following documents:

  • For temporary facilities – with request submit the authority ‘s letter, decision on erection and plan with drawn temporary facility on the cadaster-topographic background;
  • Approval for garden location of the catering facility – with the request submit the authority’s letter asking for BWS approval and garden plan with all decoration elements on the cadaster-topographic background, with legend and in scale (P = 1:500);
  • Approval to the facility location in the legalization process concerning water supplying and sewer installation – with request submit the letter of the authorized Secretariat asking the BWS approval and geodetic survey of the facility which is being legalized;
  • Pressure measurement – with the request for measuring of operating pressure in the street water supplying network in the authority of BWS, submit a copy of the plot plan with coordinate and contact person name and phone number;
  • In order to prepare town-planning design, plotting design and re-plotting – for previous town-planning technical location elaboration with the request for conditions issuing submit the letter/opinion of the authority on need to prepare town-planning documents and plan with the surrounding area, re-plotting proposition and future facility plan proposition;
  • If it is necessary, in order to obtain technical proposal for the facility connection, to regulate proprietary and legal relation, the consumer must obtain all necessary written certified approvals of the owners/co-owners.