Jubilee celebration in Belgrade Waterworks

In Tuesday, 12.07.2016, PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage celebrated 124 years of modern water supplying system in Belgrade and patron saint St. Peter’s day. Good tradition of water supplying in Belgrade started in 1892 and it was continued by many generations aiming to deliver this important resource to future generations.

Belgrade waterworks was symbolically commissioned on St.Peter’s Day in 1892 on a plateau in front of Terazije fountain. On that occasion a streak of water was released from this famous fountain followed by the sound of national anthem performed by “Tankosic” choir.

During 124 years of existence the water supplying system grew and developed in accordance to the needs of Belgrade residents. Nowadays, six water treatment plants continuously, 24 hours a day, throughout whole year treat raw river and ground water and produce drinking water.