PRICELIST PUC Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage
Water supplying and sewerage conditions for location conditions issuing

Terms 12.556.22 12.556.22


  • Further in procedure of facility connecting to water supplying and sewerage network, fee for connecting is paid in accordance with facility size and its purpose, number of connections and water meters according to current pricelist of PUC BWS;
  • Fee amount for conditions issuing can be changed on monthly basis;
  • It is necessary to submit data on payer – a copy of personal identity card for physical persons, a copy of the decision on entry into business register for legal entities, especially if the fee payer isn’t the same entity as the applicant for location conditions issuing;
  • The proof on payment of fee for location conditions issuing for water supplying and sewerage is delivered to authorized body, which forwards it to PUC BWS.