PUC “Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage”, beside its core activity, maintains public fountains and drinking fountains. At this moment, 165 public drinking fountains are maintained, of which 150 are supplied from water-supplying system of Belgrade Waterworks, and 6 of them are supplied with water from natural springs. These are Vračar drinking fountain, at Vojvode Putnika Blvd, Miloš and Hajduk drinking fountains at Topčider, at Lisičiji potok Kralj Aleksandar drinking fountain, Miljakovac spring in park near the heating plant at Miljakovac, and Hunter’s drinking fountain at Beli Potok, beside the Hunting lodge. Belgrade Waterworks maintains 39 fountains.

Belgrade fountains are operating from spring to autumn, i.e. 15th April to 15th October, and if weather conditions allow, they may work until 15th November. After that, the fountains are emptied and thoroughly cleaned, the nozzles and lighting are dismantles, to “get through the winter” without damage and be ready for the new season. During the operating season the fountains are regularly maintained which includes cleaning, washing, disinfection and sandblasting, electrical and mechanical equipment maintenance, procurement and replacement of old and damaged equipment and civil works. Belgrade Waterworks also installs and repairs lightning, paints, and covers with ceramics and polishes the fountains.

The public drinking fountains are operating on the same schedule as fountains. The drinking fountains are washed once a week. The washing also includes disinfection and graffiti removal and rinsing with high-pressure equipment. There are certain drinking fountains with high frequnecy of consumers, especially in the city centre, where complete desinfection is performed 2 to 3 times a week.

Water quality control from dringking fountains supplied with water from water-supplying system is paralelly performed by PUC “Belgrade Waterworks and Sewerage” and City Institute for Public Health. Water quality control of natural springs is performed by City Institute for Public Health, and the data may be obtained at their web site (www.zdravlje.org.rs) or directly by link.

Complete list of public dringking fountains can be seen or downloaded here (PDF 106kb)
A complete list of the fountain can be seen or downloaded here (PDF 110kb)