PUC BWS in integrated procedure for procurement of location conditions and connecting to utility infrastructure

In amended Law on planning and construction (Official Gazette No 72/09, 24/11 and 145/14) was established integrated procedure as a list of actions and activities referring to construction, outhousing and reconstruction of the facility, that is works performance, enforced from 01.03.2015.

The procedure comprises issuing of location conditions, construction permits, notification of construction activities, connecting to utility infrastructure, usage permit, registration in land books and house number assignment.

Integrated procedure is conducted by authorized body, to which parties submit their requests, and these are: Ministry of transportation, construction and infrastructure, Secretariat for Urbanism and Construction Affairs and departments of city municipalities for suburban municipalities: Surčin, Obrenovac, Barajevo, Lazarevac, Mladenovac, Sopot and Grocka.

Regulation and Decree regulate PUC BWS actions within the integrated procedure referring to issuing of location conditions, connecting of facilities to water supplying and sewerage network.

Requests concerning PUC BWS line of business, the authorized body forwards to Department for technical documents of PUC BWS in 27 Kneza Milosa Street, which the requests processed in cooperation with other departments of Section for development and designing, Section for water distribution and Section of sewerage network, returns to the authorized body in timely manner.

Location conditions

For issuing of location conditions for cadaster parcel, more cadaster parcels or a complex, fulfilling condition for construction parcel, PUC BWS issues conditions for designing and connecting solely at the request of authorized body at the expense of the request submitter and according to delivered stipulated documents. Necessary graphic and text information for defining of conditions for water supplying and sewerage for issuing of location conditions can be downloaded HERE.

Fee for issuing of location conditions for water supplying and sewerage has been stated in PUC BWS pricelist and it is the same for all facilities, regardless of its class and type, or its space area and purpose. Approximate amount of the fee is about 12.000 dinars and it can be changed monthly. It is paid to the Secretariat via payment order in a way that one order is linked only to one location conditions under the file number in the Secretariat, that is mandatory stated in the field purpose of payment – not copied, that is specified in the note of the order.

Facility connecting to infrastructure

In the period between notification of construction activities and technical acceptance for obtaining of usage permit, PUC BWS has to enable facility connecting and to accept the connection in city network maintenance system. The procedure is conducted on the request of the authorized body, and after its completion PUC BWS gives written statement on acceptance of facility connection. Necessary submissions for connecting and forming of text and graphic documents can be downloaded HERE.

Fee for connection is paid in our company, which enables connection realization. Fee amount is specified in PUC BWS pricelist and it is in accordance with facility area and its purpose, number of connections and water meters and it can differ from the expected fee amount which is approximately stated in the conditions of water supplying and sewerage for location conditions.

After connection completion it is necessary to provide its geodetic survey.

Prior to final connecting of the facility, in the stage of facility construction, for the needs of the construction site, the investor will submit request to authorized body for temporary connection.

In case that it is necessary to design and construct a part of street network (which is envisaged by contract and construction permit), precondition for connecting is submission of design for outer network and as-built design of the network.

After completion of connection, submission of geodetic survey and its acceptance in PUC BWS maintenance system by authorized sections of water distribution and section of sewerage network, PUC BWS will provide written certificate on acceptance of connection of which will also be informed authorized body.