Urgent reconstruction of water supplying network in a part of residential area Umka

header_photo30Due to frequent failures, on Monday 19.10.2015 Sector for water distribution, will commence urgent reconstruction of water supplying network in 13. Oktobra and Zelengorska Street in residential area Umka. The whole pipeline length of 160m in Zelengorska Street will be reconstructed, and also 100 meters of pipeline in 13. Oktobar Street. Deteriorated asbestos-cement pipes which are the main reason for frequent failures, will be replaced by polyethylene pipes. Asbestos-cement material hasn’t been used for more than 30 years, and PUC Belgrade waterworks and sewerage endeavors to replace as many meters of asbestos-cement pipes as possible with some other materials. In accordance to this, our Company in previous three months has replaced pipeline in a 13. OKtobar Street and in Zelengorska Street.